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British Art Studies Issue 7 

British Art Studies is a joint publication of the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art (PMC), London, and the Yale Center for British Art (YCBA). 

The aim of British Art Studies is to provide an innovative space for new research and scholarship of the highest quality on all aspects of British art, architecture, and visual culture in their most diverse and international contexts. The journal reflects the dynamic and broad-ranging research cultures of the PMC and YCBA, as well as the wider field of studies in British art and architecture today.
British Art Studies is one of the few completely open-access journals in the field of art history, providing a forum for the growing debate about digital scholarship, publication, and copyright. A purpose-built website has been developed that carefully considers elements such as identification, preservation, and licensing. The editorial in issue 1 expands on the aims for this publication and the digital strategy that led to its creation.

Issue 7 – (Autumn 2017)
Issue 6 – (Summer 2017)
Issue 5 – (Spring 2017)
Issue 4 – (Autumn 2016)
Issue 3 – (Summer 2016)
Issue 2 – (Spring 2016)
Issue 1 – (Autumn 2015)


Clare Twomey's Made in China (2010), an installation of eighty ceramic vessels, was displayed at the Yale Center for British Art in 2017, photograph by Richard Caspole