Research Programs

The Department of Research and Education stewards a wide-ranging scholarly program that seeks to support the study and understanding of British art, through talks, lectures, conferences, symposia, and workshops. Encouraging the participation of scholars at all levels, from undergraduate, to graduate, post-doctoral and senior levels, the department seeks to create opportunities for dialogue and collaboration, fostering a network of scholarship that is both international and interdisciplinary in scope.

Artist John Hoyland discusses his work in The Independent Eye exhibition with student guides; photo by Harold Shapiro

Conferences and Talks

Conferences and symposia, including an annual Graduate Student Symposium, are organized regularly, often in collaboration with other scholars and institutions, and presented both at the Center and at other venues in the US and overseas. Lectures are offered throughout the academic year, taking the form of public talks presented in the Center’s Lecture Hall, or more informal work-in-progress talks and seminars held in smaller seminar rooms.


With the aid of a major three-year grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the third award from the Foundation supporting the Center’s research programs, the department is implementing an ongoing series of workshops and meetings that address a range of interdisciplinary projects. A series of longer-term research projects focus on the integration of conservation and technical art history into other modes of scholarly enquiry, while other programs support scholarly exchanges in relation to the Center’s exhibitions and collections, and the study of British art as a whole. 

Many of the events take the form of smaller, focused round-table discussions and seminars, which are open by invitation only or advanced registration. To register your interest, or join the e-mail list, please contact Research ( | +1 203 432 2824) with details of your field of interest.