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Latest News


Yale Center for British Art Acquires Yinka Shonibare MBE 
(RA) Artwork Created for Enlightened Princesses Exhibition 
Press Release (pdf; 1.44 mb)

Yale Center for British Art Adds Online Collection
Images into Groundbreaking International Cooperative
System for Research

Press Release (pdf; 1.07 mb)

American Alliance of Museums Honors Yale Center
for British Art and Paul Mellon Centre with Prestigious
Media and Technology Award for British Art Studies 

Press Release (pdf; 1.42 mb)

Yale Center for British Art Building Conservation
Architects Garner 2017 AIA Institute Honor Award
for Architecture

Press Release (pdf; 1.71 mb)
Image Sheet (pdf; 2.80 mb)


Yale Center for British Art Completes Major Building 
Conservation Project and Reopens
Press Release (pdf; 319 kb)
Image Sheet (pdf; 3.05 mb)

Yale Center for British Art Reopening Overview
Press Release (pdf; 231 kb)

Architect’s Biography
Louis I. Kahn (pdf; 183 kb)

Principal Biographies
Amy Meyers (pdf; 178 kb)
Constance Clement (pdf; 172 kb)
Scott Wilcox (pdf; 174 kb)
Matthew Hargraves (pdf; 182 kb)
George Knight (pdf; 169 kb)

New Online Journal British Arts Studies Wins GLAMi
Award for Innovation

Press Release (pdf; 805 kb)

The Center and Chapel Haven Initiate Autism Art
Education with Public Sculpture

Press Release (pdf; 35 kb)

Yale Center for British Art Releases Tens of Thousands
of Additional Images

Press Release (pdf; 892 kb)
Image Sheet (pdf; 2.26 mb)


New British Art Studies Journal Provides Art History
with Digital Innovation

Press Release (pdf; 1.07 mb)
Image Sheet (pdf; 1.83 mb)

Global Consortium Forms to Standardize and
Improve Sharing and Displaying of Image-based
Scholarly Resources on Web

Press Release (pdf; 52 kb)

John F. O’Brien Fund Teaches Students Art Acquisition,
while Adding to Center’s Collection

Press Release (pdf; 92 kb)

Yale Center for British Art Launches Book of
Louis I. Kahn Interviews

Press Release (pdf; 116 kb)

Museum Advocacy Groups Showcase Yale Center
for British Art’s “Visual Literacy” Film
Press Release (pdf; 71 kb)

Yale Center for British Art and Paul Mellon Centre
Announce New Online British Arts Journal

Press Release (pdf; 48 kb)


New Haven Symphony Orchestra Brass Quintet to
Perform Holiday Concert at the Yale Center for British
Art; Mayor Toni Harp to Provide Opening Remarks

Press Release (pdf; 64 kb)

Yale Center for British Art to Conserve Iconic
Louis I. Kahn Building, and Close Temporarily in 2015

Press Release (pdf; 296 kb)

Center Featured in Student Art and Writing Exhibition
Presented by Association of Art Museum Directors
and US Department of Education
Press Release (pdf; 48 kb)

The Center Completes Phase One of a Major
Building Conservation Project and Reopens its Study Room

Press Release (pdf; 72 kb)


Building Conservation Project 2013
Project Details (pdf; 37 kb)

The Center Publishes Groundbreaking Conservation Plan for its Landmark Building
Press Release (pdf; 54 kb)

The Center has been Chosen by The Times, London,
as One of “The World’s 50 Greatest Art Galleries

Press Release (pdf; 94 kb)


Daily Listings: May–August 2017 (pdf; 716 kb)
Full Calendar: May–August 2017 (pdf; 1.32 mb)

Current Exhibitions

Britain in the World: A Display of Collections at the
Yale Center for British Art

Press Release (pdf; 1.01 mb)
Image Sheet (pdf; 2.11 mb)

Art in Focus: The British Castle—A Symbol in Stone
April 7–August 6, 2017
Press Release (pdf; 932 kb)
Image Sheet (pdf; 3.47 mb)

A Decade of Gifts and Acquisitions
June 1–August 13, 2017
Press Release (pdf; 1.34 mb)
Image Sheet (pdf; 3.25 mb)
A Decade of Gifts and Acquisitions Booklet (pdf; 4.27 mb)
John Golding Booklet (pdf; 1.56 mb)

Upcoming Exhibitions

Summary of Exhibitions for 2017
Press Release (pdf; 642 kb)

“Things of Beauty Growing”: British Studio Pottery
September 14–December 3, 2017
Press Release (pdf; 1.25 mb)
Image Sheet (pdf; 1.38 mb)


Collections Highlights
Image Sheet (pdf; 2.59 mb)

Recent Exhibitions

Enlightened Princesses: Caroline, Augusta, Charlotte, 
and the Shaping of the Modern World

February 2–April 30, 2017
Press Release (pdf; 2.21 mb)
Image Sheet (pdf; 2.82 mb)
Background (pdf; 582 kb)
Related-Programs (pdf; 581 kb)

Yinka Shonibare MBE (RA)
September 1–December 11, 2016
Press Release (pdf; 944 kb)
Image Sheet (pdf; 1.01 mb)

Spreading Canvas: Eighteenth-Century British
Marine Painting
September 15–December 4, 2016
Press Release (pdf; 1.35 mb)
Image Sheet (pdf; 1.76 mb)

“The Poet of Them All”: William Shakespeare and Miniature
Designer Bindings from the Collection of Neale and
Margaret Albert
June 16–August 21, 2016
Press Release (pdf; 936 kb)
Image Sheet (pdf; 3.15 mb)

Modernism and Memory: Rhoda Pritzker and the
Art of Collecting
May 11–August 21, 2016
Press Release (pdf; 1.14 mb)
Image Sheet (pdf; 1.44 mb)

Art in Focus: Relics of Old London
May 11–August 14, 2016
Press Release (pdf; 352 kb)
Image Sheet (pdf; 1.49 mb)

Moving Earth: “Capability” Brown, Humphry Repton,
and the Creation of the English Landscape
(Joint exhibition, on view at the Sterling Memorial Library Memorabilia Room)
March 7–June 3, 2016
Press Release (pdf; 612 kb)
Image Sheet (pdf; 444 kb)

The Critique of Reason: Romantic Art, 1760–1860
(Joint exhibition, on view at the Yale University Art Gallery)
March 6–July 26, 2015
Press Release (pdf, 1.2 mb)
Image Sheet (pdf; 1.14 mb)

Picture Talking: James Northcote and the Fables
October 2December 14, 2014
Press Release (pdf; 1.3 mb)
Image Sheet (pdf; 6.5 mb)

Figures of Empire: Slavery and Portraiture in Eighteenth-Century Atlantic Britain
October 2December 14, 2014
Press Release (pdf; 1.2 mb)
Image Sheet (pdf; 5.9 mb)

Sculpture Victorious: Art in an Age of Invention, 1837–1901
September 11–November 30, 2014
Press Release (pdf; 1.17 mb)
Image Sheet (pdf; 4.44 mb)

Bruce Davidson/Paul Caponigro: Two American Photographers in Britain and Ireland
June 26–September 14, 2014
Press Release (pdf; 112 kb)
Image Sheet (pdf; 566 kb)

“Of Green Leaf, Bird, and Flower”: Artists’ Books and the Natural World
May 15–August 10, 2014
Press Release (pdf; 1.1 mb)
Image Sheet (pdf; 3.1 mb)

Art in Focus: Wales
April 4–August 10, 2014
Press Release (pdf; 72 kb)
Image Sheet (pdf; 263 kb)

Richard Wilson and the Transformation of European Landscape Painting
March 6–June 1, 2014
Press Release (pdf; 81 kb)
Image Sheet (pdf; 216 kb)

Fame and Friendship: Pope, Roubiliac, and the Portrait Bust in Eighteenth-Century Britain
February 20–May 19, 2014
Press Release (pdf; 80 kb)
Image Sheet (pdf; 234 kb)

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