Schools and Teachers

The Center's Education department works closely with teachers to supplement classroom instruction with direct access to works of art, and by helping teachers integrate visual learning into their curricula.

Art and Literacy

Our educational programming is designed to support literacy instruction and complement curriculum goals and standards. Bringing art into the learning process helps children become better readers, writers, and critical thinkers. Literacy instruction at the Center is built on inquiry, observation, description, and analysis, as well as on building connections, discovering meaning, and constructing personal narratives from firsthand encounters with works of art.

View a trailer of the the Center's film Rethinking the Role of Art in Education, which demonstrates the role that art can play in teaching literacy and highlights the unique partnership between the Center and local schools.


Our school partnerships are based on developing a shared philosophy of education and goals for learning. We offer a range of programs for teachers providing opportunities for professional development and experiental learning, from summer institutes to informal consortiums.

School Tours

Docent-led school tours are conducted Tuesday through Friday, 10 am to 4 pm, and are forty-five minutes to one hour in length. All school tours are free of charge and are aligned with state and national academic standards and the Connecticut Mastery Tests.

Using the Collections

Teachers are encouraged to search the Center's collections and download images for use in the classroom. See Using the Collections for more information.

teacher and students in gallery; photo by Ewa Buttolph