; Félix Teynard, Monument Taillé dans Le Roc, Pilliers et Sculptures de Gauche, 1851–52, salted paper print from a waxed paper negative, courtesy of the Wilson Centre for Photography

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The Center Significantly Expands Its Collection of Modern
and Contemporary British Photographs with a Major Gift

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Collections Highlights
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Current Exhibitions

Britain in the World: A Display of Collections at the
Yale Center for British Art

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Upcoming Exhibitions

Summary of Exhibitions
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George Shaw: A Corner of a Foreign Field
October 4–December 30, 2018
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Recent Exhibitions

Salt and Silver: Early Photography, 1840–1860
June 28–September 9, 2018
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Art in Focus: John Goto’s “High Summer”
April 6–August 19, 2018
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Celia Paul
April 3–August 12, 2018
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The Paston Treasure: Microcosm of the Known World
February 15–May 27, 2018
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“Things of Beauty Growing”: British Studio Pottery
September 14–December 3, 2017
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