Fourth-floor gallery following reinstallation, photograph by Richard Caspole

The Yale Center for British Art is a public art museum and research institute for the study of British art and culture. Presented to Yale University by Paul Mellon (Yale College, Class of 1929), the Center houses the largest collection of British art outside the United Kingdom. The Center’s Education department encourages all department and professional school faculty, as well as all students, to explore the rich educational opportunities afforded by the study of original works of art.

Yale Faculty

Faculty from Yale and other schools are encouraged to teach from original works of art in the Center’s collections. To schedule a class in the public exhibition spaces or to discuss how the Center’s collections can become a valuable component of your teaching, contact Education (ycba.education@yale.edu | +1 203 432 2858).

Enhancing Observation Skills

Enhancing Observation Skills is a program designed for medical students and other professionals that uses original works of art in a museum setting to help strengthen observation and communication skills. Working closely with a museum educator, representational artworks are discussed and offer the opportunity for focused conversations. No art or art history background is needed.

Participants work in small groups with a museum educator to facilitate these looking experiences. First, they study a painting on their own through concentrated looking. Next, they objectively describe the artwork in as much detail as possible. Finally, using only this visual information, they develop an interpretation or draw conclusions about the narrative presented based only on what they see.

Moving outside of the workplace environment allows for fresh thinking that animates the conversations, as visiting the Center sets the stage for a new kind of learning. For additional questions or to schedule a session, contact Education (ycba.education@yale.edu | +1 203 432 2858).

Yale Students

The Center offers a range of opportunities for Yale students. Fellowships, symposia, special courses and programs, lectures, workshops, and bursary employment are offered to undergraduate and graduate students throughout the academic year. To discuss opportunities and ideas, contact Education (ycba.education@yale.edu | +1 203 432 2858).

Student bursary positions are posted on the Yale Student Employment website.

Student Guide Program

The Center is home to an active Student Guide Program, offering Yale undergraduates from all disciplines the opportunity to work closely with works of art and museum departments. Student guides meet weekly to learn about the Center’s collections, refine their touring skills, take trips to area museums and galleries, and work on student-curated Art in Focus exhibitions.

Yale in London

Yale in London offers Yale undergraduates the opportunity to take spring or summer courses in London at the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art.

Courses and Internships

The Center offers an annual two-semester, two-credit Undergraduate Special Term Course designed to enable a student to undertake a focused research project on British visual and material culture in conjunction with a major exhibition at the Center. Additionally, through the generosity of Nancy Horton Bartels and her late husband, Henry E. Bartels, the Center offers academic-year and summer internships to Yale undergraduates.

For further information, visit Internships or contact Research (ycba.research@yale.edu | +1 203 432 2858).