Maria Tenorio

Colorful photo of trees at night

Maria Tenorio, Untitled, 2022

colorful night-time view of trees

Maria Tenorio, Untitled, 2022

Artist Statement

It is difficult to express your feelings growing up in a family that never talks about feelings. That’s what happened to me. I didn’t know how to express my emotions, so I turned to the only thing I could think of—art. 

Making art, thinking about art, makes me feel relaxed and at peace. Whenever I’m stressed, I do art. I take art making seriously and I’ve sought out classes in drawing, painting, and sculpture. I never thought of photography until my teacher told me about “The View From Here.” As a photographer, I make images of what makes me happy, mostly the sky. The sky never left me, even when I came from Colombia and didn’t know English. Whenever things don’t work out, like when I failed my driver’s test, the sky is always there. I know that if I just look up, I will feel better. 

—Maria Tenorio, Wilbur Cross High School, 2023

Photo of a girl

Maria Tenorio, Self-portrait, 2022

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