Mia Coppola

black and white portrait of a girl

Mia Coppola, Midnights, 2022

Black and white photograph of two people with an American flag between them

Mia Coppola, Similarity vs. Difference, 2022

Artist Statement

I am a seventeen-year-old storyteller born and raised in Milford, Connecticut. I have been taking photography classes since freshman year. After four years of photography experience inside and outside of the classroom, I fell in love with being able to capture moments for myself and others. I am grateful to have been able to become involved in so many different clubs and activities in my school community, whether taking headshots for the drama club or competition photographs for the robotics team. I believe that photography is what I was called to do. It is an absolute passion for me. 

To me, photography means to document. Whether that's documenting someone's life, a love story, a lifestyle, an event, or an adventure in nature, every image that a photographer produces captures a moment in time that we as humans can never get back. I love warm light, shadows, and texture and use these values to create depth in my work. The majority of my pieces are created in black-and-white because I love the classy and timeless feeling it can create for the viewer. 

—Mia Coppola, Joseph A. Foran High School, 2023 

Black and white portrait of a girl

Mia Coppola, Self-portrait, 2022

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