Court, Country, City: British Art and Architecture, 1660–1735

Cover, Court, Country, City

Edited by Mark Hallett, Nigel Llewellyn, and Martin Myrone

With essays by Tabitha Barber, Tim Batchelor, John Bonehill, Diana Dethloff, Sebastian Edwards, Anthony Geraghty, Caroline Good, Mark Hallett, Lydia Hamlett, Matthew Hargraves, Claudine van Hensbergen, Richard Johns, Nigel Llewellyn, Emily Mann, Anya Matthews, Peter Moore, Martin Myrone, Helen Pierce, Jacqueline Riding, David H. Solkin, Richard Stephens, and Christine Stevenson

Published by the Yale Center for British Art and the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art in association with Yale University Press

544 pages, 6 3/4 x 9 7/8 inches, 194 color illustrations, ISBN: 9780300214802

Publication date: June 20, 2016


The late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries saw profound changes in Britain and in its visual arts. This volume provides fresh perspectives on the art of the late Stuart and early Georgian periods, and places them in the context of the revolutionary shifts in politics, society, and culture that marked this era of British history. It focuses on a wide array of objects, materials, and places, and analyzes them in relation to the overlapping visual cultures associated with the monarchy, the aristocracy, and the city. Essays cover such diverse topics as the London art market and painting in the courts of Charles II and Queen Anne; architecture and renewal in the aftermath of the Great Fire; print culture and the transatlantic circulation of the mezzotint; the emergence and development of new and revived genres such as still life, history painting, and the topographic prospect; royal furnishing and military portraiture; sculpture, memorialization and urban space; and the development of aesthetic theory.

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