Siul Rivera

Photo of a window with a strong cast shadow on the floor

Siul Rivera, Nap of a Star, 2022

Photo of three sinks and mirrors

Siul Rivera, Eternally, 2022

Artist Statement

I have explored art in different media for all my life, with particular focus on drawing and painting. Photography has deepened this appreciation for art as a whole. 

Art is more than materials. Expensive equipment is not required. In photography, as with other art forms, art is an expression of what you have and an avenue to become whomever you aspire to be. For a time, I saw the lack of professional gear and materials as a barrier. I now see this is far from the truth. Art is never dependent on what you lack. 

I use my cell phone, easily open the camera app, position my subject the way I want, check focus, and then take a multitude of pictures, which I later go through and decide which to keep and possibly edit. My process is free, without a specific objective. The emerging images are an interpretation of life. Capturing the current state of a person, place, event, and more is an incredible ability. Photography ties to memory—whether it’s a planned photo shoot or a spontaneous and unexpected shoot, there is always the moment and memory. How pictures that are taken quickly pack so many memories is such a beautiful thing.

You will always catch me snapping a picture. Through “The View From Here,” I appreciate and understand more about what I am photographing and why. Emotions and my current mental state are heavy influences on my creative process. The perception and vision I have for an image never translate exactly to my original intention, leading to alterations that create entirely new pieces and new possibilities. Through this process, I am inspired by the work of other artists, whether it be paintings, sketches, music, photographs, or performances. I see a spark that motivates me to continue my work whenever I am feeling discouraged. 

—Siul Rivera, Wilbur Cross High School, 2024

Portrait of a girl wearing black-rimmed glasses

Siul Rivera, Self-portrait, 2022

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