Using Images

Due to a major building conservation project, we regret that we cannot accommodate orders for new or additional collections photography until January 2025. 


By accessing the Center’s website and images you agree to the Terms of Use and any additional terms below.

Obtaining Images

Thousands of images of works in the Center’s collection believed to be in the public domain are available for free through the Center’s online collection catalogue. Under Yale University’s Open Access Policy, anyone may use the Center’s open access material without further application, authorization, or fees due to the Center or to Yale.

To download open access images, simply click the “download” link beneath the image displayed in the individual object record. To request an image of a work that is not illustrated online, or to request digital files in sizes or formats beyond those offered, you may submit an electronic request by following the “Request Photography” or “Request Additional Photography” links from individual object records. If you have any difficulty doing so, please email our Department of Imaging and Intellectual Property.

For technical information concerning the use of the Center’s digital image files, please consult our digital imaging guidelines document.

Identifying Open Access Works and Images

The majority of works in the Center’s collection are in the public domain.

Building on Yale’s commitment to open access, if a work in the Center’s collection is believed to be in the public domain and free of other restrictions, the Center’s digital images of the work available in the online collection can be downloaded and used without restrictions. For works with images, the rights status of the work is displayed in the online collection catalogue record beneath the image.

Works and Images with Restrictions

Not every work of art in the Center’s collection is in the public domain, nor is every image on the Center’s site free of restrictions. The Center is mindful of its responsibilities concerning intellectual property rights and other restrictions.

Copyright in a work of art itself is distinct from any applicable rights in the photograph/digital image depicting the work, and may be held by individuals or entities other than the Center. For example, copyright in a work of art may be held or managed by the artist, the artist’s heirs, or a rights society, and not by the Center.

Thumbnail-sized images of copyrighted works are displayed under fair use; the Center may make larger images of copyrighted works available in the online collection catalogue with permission of the copyright holder.

In addition, the Center reserves any applicable rights in the photography of its facilities, installations, events, employees, and guests created or commissioned by Center staff.


All the information necessary for the proper citation of the Center’s works is provided in the object records in the online collection catalogue. We encourage users to attribute works to the Center’s collection so that others may find and use our resources.

Apart from the above, users may not suggest or imply the Center’s endorsement of a publication or project, nor use the Center or Yale University’s trademarks without permission.

If a work or a photographic image is still protected by copyright, it is the user’s responsibility to include the copyright notice and comply with any other terms or restrictions applicable to the material.

Images from Other Sources

The Center can neither grant nor deny permission to use photographic images of works in its collections obtained from other sources (for example, scanned from a book or downloaded from another website). While use of such images may be possible under “fair use” or “fair dealing” provisions in the copyright laws of some jurisdictions, the Center is unable to assist in making this determination. In addition, we are unable to vouch for the accuracy or quality of images obtained from other sources. We strongly recommend the use of the Center’s own images over those from other sources.


The Center cannot guarantee availability of images for every work in its collection. Condition, location, collection priorities, rights, or other restrictions may preclude photography.

Any statement on the public domain status of a work is made by the Center in good faith. While the Center makes every effort to accurately determine the rights status of works and their images, this information is provided without any warranty. As an end user, you are solely responsible for the download or use of any images from the Center’s site. It is your responsibility to verify or accept any rights information provided as well as to obtain any additional permission or clearances that may be required for works protected by copyright.

If you have any questions regarding the rights status of a work of art or images on the Center’s website, or have any information on the rights status of a work contrary or in addition to the information in our records, please contact the Department of Imaging and Intellectual Property.

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