Artists in Conversation | Jake Grewal


Friday, June 14, 2024 

Jake Grewal will talk to HRH Princess Eugenie of York, director, Hauser and Wirth, about his artistic practice, recent projects, and studio processes.

About Rachel Maclean

Born in London in 1994, Jake Grewal received a BA with honors in painting from the University of Brighton and later attended the Royal Drawing School, London. Grewal’s paintings and drawings have a dreamlike quality, unmoored from time and space. Figures, often nude and based on the artist’s own image, are situated against dramatic sunsets or gazing into verdant green pools. Time and its transitions play a central role, with the same figure often repeated within a scene. Narratives are left open-ended, and the viewer is encouraged to project their own conclusions onto the dramatic tableaus.

Drawing is central to Grewal’s practice. Using predominantly charcoal, Grewal insistently repeats figures and scenes, often in different mediums and scales until his narratives are realized. Landscape and figure merge and become one. Figures and trees dissolve and reappear on a journey together, sometimes cohabitating, sometimes being consumed, but always investigating the artist’s fascination with the passing of time.

Selected exhibitions include Some days I feel more alive, Pallant House Gallery, Chichester (2023); Now I Know You I Am Older, Thomas Dane Gallery, London (2022); Interior, Michael Werner Gallery, London (2022); Shifting Waters, Jhaveri Contemporary, Mumbai (2022); Drawing Attention: Emerging British Artists, British Museum, London (2022); Deity, Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh (2020); and The Drawing Year End of Year Exhibition 2019, Royal Drawing School, London (2019), to name a few. Grewal lives and works in London.