Abiba Biao

Nighttime scene of fence with colored lights

Abiba Biao, A Walk Home, 2022

Two people sitting on couches using their smartphones

Abiba Biao, Soft Focus, 2022

Artist Statement

I was told I was a good writer throughout school, but I never acted on that until being introduced to photojournalism with the Arts Paper. I was surprised to learn that journalism wasn’t just about writing. Photojournalism, as I understand it, is a collaboration between visual and textual storytelling with each factor reliant on the other, amplifying their strengths, and creating a compelling narrative for people to consume.

My camera attracts some who are eager to share their stories, while others avoid my attempts at conversation with a “No, thank you” or “I’m in a rush,” and that's okay. Not everything is meant to be captured, which makes the discussions I have with people who are open to being interviewed a thousand times better. 

My pictures highlight the connection I have with my interviewees, who are gracious enough to share their stories with me. A picture that can be considered shallow at first holds many meanings because of the article and contextual narrative I create. I contribute to a picture's meaning by adding details people revealed through their interviews, and pictures ground my words in reality by displaying what I observed while reporting. 

My life is characterized by the people around me, and I seek to share their stories through writing and photography. Journalism has strengthened my interpersonal skills, making me ask myself, "Who am I going to talk to today?"

—Abiba Biao, Southern Connecticut State University, 2026 

girl holding camera in hands, showing camera preview screen

Abiba Biao, Self-portrait, 2022

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