Ahilya Alexcia Singh

photo of a snowy landscape with a person in the foreground

Ahilya Alexcia Singh, Light Years, 2023

photo of a street on a gray day

Ahilya Alexcia Singh, Sunday, 2023

Artist Statement

Expressing myself through various art forms has always been a passion of mine. From painting to drawing, I've found solace and joy in the traditional mediums. However, through this program, I've discovered a newfound appreciation for photography. While I delved into the world of capturing moments through a lens relatively recently, I quickly grew fond of the medium.

Through my camera lens, I'm amazed by the beauty of the world around me. I love capturing moments and stories that inspire me and sharing them with others. For me, photography is a way of expressing my perspective on life and connecting with others through a shared appreciation of color and light. I find empty spaces to be the most beautiful, and I'm always searching for the perfect shot that captures their essence. Whether I'm photographing a serene trail or a quiet moment, I aim to create images that are both honest and evocative. My hope is that my photos will inspire others to see the world in a new light and find the beauty and emotion in life's everyday moments.   

—Ahilya Alexcia Singh, Wilbur Cross High School ’25

closely cropped photo of a girl's face with dark brown hair and brown eyes

Ahilya Alexcia Singh, Self-Portrait, 2023

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