The View from Here 2024

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This exhibition highlights the work of nine student-photographers from Greater New Haven who participated in “The View from Here: Accessing Art through Photography,” in fall 2023 and winter 2024. Now in its third year, the program is an opportunity for local young people to learn about the history, materials, and practice of photography through direct engagement with curators, faculty, museum staff, and photography professionals.

In addition to this online presentation, the students’ work is on view in the High Street windows of the museum and in the Conference Center, Yale West Campus, from April 30 through July 31, 2024. A complementary installation at the Yale Schwarzman Center from May 8 through November 22, 2024, will amplify the reach of this ongoing initiative by showcasing images from all participants in the program since 2021.

Click on a portrait to view the program participant’s work and statement.


=Iyla Bhandary-Alexander
Prince DavenportEliza Factor
Ahilya Alexcia Singh, Self-portrait, 2023



The program participants for this year are (pictured above from left to right) Eshal Anwer, Alaia Aquino, Iyla Bhandary-Alexander, Prince Davenport, Eliza Factor, August Hotis, Mikaela S. Morant, Katrina Reyes, and Ahilya Alexcia Singh. 

“The View from Here: Accessing Art through Photography” was organized and taught by Natalie Ivis (MFA 2023), Postgraduate Teaching Fellow, Yale School of Art; Paul Messier, Pritzker Director, Lens Media Lab, Yale Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage; Katherine “Kappy” Mintie, Senior Researcher in Art History, Lens Media Lab; and James Vanderberg, Educator, High School, College, University, and Community Outreach, YCBA. 

Top image
Collage of The View from Here participants’ photos, 2024