Eshal Anwer

photo of a man laying down in a dark room

Eshal Anwer, Glare, 2023

photo of a person in a field

Eshal Anwer, Peeking through the Glass, 2023

Artist Statement

I have never viewed myself as a creative person. However, when I took my first photography class, I felt as though I discovered a new aspect of myself. With photography, I let myself freely create art and express my emotions. I love being able to take a glimpse into people’s lives using photography, immersing myself in their way of living. My photography revolves around my family, friends, and surroundings. My life is portrayed through the appearance of my photographs and what I want others to feel connected to upon first glance.

A lot of my work focuses on the feeling of an image, using lighting, composition, and color to share the emotions I keep hidden. Photography is technical, but the emotional aspect of it drives me to create art. Creating personal and touching images exemplifies the way I view the world. I use photography as a comfort tool, as a friend to rely on when things get rough. The pictures I take of those around me amplify the feeling of belonging, allowing others to take an inside look at my daily life.

—Eshal Anwer, Amity Regional High School ’25

young woman in front of a mirror with the reflection of the back of her head behind her

Eshal Anwer, Self-Portrait, 2023

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