Mikaela S. Morant

photo of a street showing the back of a stop sign

Mikaela S. Morant, Tranquil, 2023

a young woman looking away from the camera

Mikaela S. Morant, Unnoticed, 2023

Artist Statement

As a photographer, I want to capture images that speak to both me and the viewer. I try to capture photos that represent more than what is being directly shown. I want them to be more than an image—I want them to be a story. I want them to reveal the intimate details of a person's life without stating them directly. When people look at my work, I want them to see the depth behind the image and ask themselves why it speaks to them. Why was this image worth being taken?

For me, photography is a medium to showcase words or emotions that are not always easy to express. There is safety in expressing how you feel through an image because people interpret things in different ways. Photography is my way of uniting my perspective of the world with someone else's. 

—Mikaela S. Morant, Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School ’25

young woman with dark skin holding her hand to her face

Mikaela S. Morant, Self-Portrait, 2023

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