August Hotis

photo of the tops of trees

August Hotis, Tree Line, 2023

the imprint of a hand

August Hotis, Untitled, 2023

Artist Statement

When taking photos out in the world, I see life through a picture frame, always imagining whatever is directly in front of me framed and hanging in an exhibit. I try to paint an honest portrait of the world around me and how I see it. I usually avoid taking pictures of people, and when I do they’re almost never the main subject of my picture. Instead, I shift my focus to the environment around me. Even then, I avoid dead giveaways as to where I am in the world. People who see my photos can make that up for themselves, imagining themselves in that moment—wherever they think that may be.

—August Hotis, New Haven Academy ’25

a young man looking at the camera with the front of a residential garage behind him

August Hotis, Self-Portrait, 2023

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