Harvest XML Data

Harvesting XML data can be accomplished with these few simple steps and software tools. For more information about specific terminology please refer to the Become More Familiar section, Metadata Updates, and Metadata Schema Explanation. Access to or use of the Center’s data and services is subject to the Center’s Open Data and Data Services Terms of Use.

  1. Get metadata by harvesting LIDO XML (via OAI–PMH)
  2. Access images via URLs
    • manually: paste URL found in the object metadata into a browser window and type in the CAPTCHA that appears for download to begin 
    • automatically: e-mail a request to ycba.online@yale.edu providing your system IP address for us to exclude your application from CAPTCHA. Use the cURL command with the image URL found in the object metadata to locate the file programmically. 


Metadata for Object ID 499
Thumbnail for Object ID 499

Accessing metadata programmatically will require a capable software developer; however, there are open source OAI-PMH tools that can assist in the harvest process. Our team is focused on providing better data and additional methods of accessing this data, but unfortunately, we are unable to assist each institution with details.