Linked Open Data

Welcome to the Yale Center for British Art’s Linked Open Data service. This service provides machine-readable access to the Center’s collections data. The data in the Linked Open Data service is expressed in RDF to allow our data set to link to other data sets without the need for database integration. We have organized our data using the CIDOC CRM (Conceptual Reference Model). The CRM is a powerful and robust ontology that represents our data set granularly to permit semantic integration with other data sets. This resource exists to support scholarly and creative activities, and to facilitate interdisciplinary projects.

The data, and sample SPARQL queries, are available through our SPARQL end point. Browse examples of our data using Pubby.

When accessing or using the Center’s data and services, please be mindful that they are subject to the Center’s Open Data And Data Services Terms of Use.

A description of our internal architecture is available on our In Depth page.

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