Metadata Updates

Our collections metadata and the references to images are served using the Lightweight Information Describing Objects (LIDO) metadata standard. We make every effort to keep this a production system and to publish updates to our metadata schema structure on this page to allow partners to adjust scripts if necessary for re-harvesting. We guarantee our data to be well formed and valid against the LIDO 1.0 schema.

We expose the following data: 

  1. Object
    • Accession number
    • Current repository for this object (with ULAN identifier)
    • Location of the object in the YCBA galleries
    • Location of the YCBA in New Haven with geographic coordinates and TGN identifier
    • Work type (drawing, intaglio print)
    • Classification (drawings & watercolors, prints)
    • Titles (preferred and alternate)
    • Inscriptions, marks, lettering, signatures
    • Dimensions
    • State, edition
  2. Production event
    • Culture
    • Date
    • Period
    • Creator
    • Names (preferred and alternate)
    • Birth and death dates and locations (with geographic coordinates and TGN identifier)
    • Object related roles (with AAT identifiers)
    • Nationalities
    • Materials, support, techniques (with AAT identifiers)
  3. Subject terms (with AAT, TGN, ULAN, ICONCLASS,… identifiers)
    • Concepts
    • Objects
    • Places
    • Events
    • Actors
  4. Related works
    • Publication (bibliographic citations with LC call numbers and OCLC numbers)
  5. Exhibition History
    • Title and Date (single field)
    • Local identifier 
  6. Rights to the work
    • Rights Type (whether an object is believed to be under copyright or in the public domain, and the Center’s rights to use images of the work.)
    • Rights Holder (copyright owner of representative)
    • Credit Line
  7. Record
    • Record ID  (Identifier in Center’s native system)
    • Record Type (item or group)
    • Record Source (Yale Center for British Art)
    • Record Link (URL to object record at
    • Language designation for record (English - xml:lang=”eng”)
  8. Resources (media)
    • Resources representations (URLs to images) including types (thumb, large, etc.) and format (jpeg, tiff, etc.)
    • Resource Type (image, video)
    • Resource Source (Yale Center for British Art)
    • Resource Rights (URL to terms of use for the media)