New video series with YCBA Student Guides

A series of thematic presentations by the YCBA Student Guides will reframe selected works from the museum’s collection. 

students in the gallery

YCBA Student Guides, Yale University Art Gallery, photo by YCBA staff

April 1, 2024 

The YCBA Student Guides have produced a series of video presentations titled “Reframed” as a way to connect with audiences while the museum is closed. The videos offer the guides’ insights about selected works from the museum’s collection, sharing their perspectives as undergraduate students and drawing from their training and experience leading tours of the collection at the Yale Center for British Art and the Yale University Art Gallery while the exhibition In a New Light was on view. The students worked closely with Linda Friedlaender, Head of Education, to create a framework for their research and develop engaging content for online audiences. Subjects range from a comparative analysis of the plein-air painting techniques of John Constable and Winslow Homer to a detailed examination of the imaginative work of the poet and printmaker William Blake. 

The “Reframed” series will be viewable on the museum’s website and YouTube channel. Seven videos will be available this spring, with additional content added to the series in fall 2024. Stay tuned!


“Reframed”: Spring 2024

  • Aengus Cox, Morse ’26: “More than Meets the Eye: Imagination and Recollection in British Art”
  • Taehyeong Ko, Timothy Dwight ’26: “Francis Danby: A Reflection of Life’s Misgivings”
  • Cleo Maloney, Silliman ’25: “William Blake’s Visualizations of Eighteenth-Century London in ‘Songs of Innocence and of Experience’”
  • Michelle Medawar, Jonathan Edwards ’24: “Visit the Empire: Canada, Wilderness, and the British Imagination”
  • Collin Robinson, Timothy Dwight ’24:  “Uncovering Queer Narratives in Late Nineteenth-Century and Early Twentieth-Century Britain”
  • Hailey Talbert, Grace Hopper ’27: “Chasing Tides: The Practice of Plein-Air Painting”
  • Daniela Woldenberg, Pauli Murray ’27: “What’s in a Look?: Exploring Glances and Relationships in British Portraiture”


About the YCBA Student Guides 
The Student Guide Program offers Yale undergraduates from all disciplines the opportunity to engage with original works of art and become familiar with a variety of museum departments. 

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