Reem Saood

Photo of city buildings with windows

Reem Saood, De-constructed, 2022

Small buildings in the foreground surrounded by tree branches and leaves

Reem Saood, Ishq, 2022

Artist Statement

I live in Westville and use the nature surrounding me as inspiration for my art. I use photography to record my community and nature around here. Photography for me is freedom, exploration, and peacefulness. I’m at best in nature with my art because I can perceive it any way I want with no added pressure. Nature provides my ambiance and freedom when I'm alone. Since I don't spend much time alone, taking photos outside is the only time I can do that.

I’m slowly stepping out of my comfort zone with photography and trying new things. I love learning more about photography everywhere I go. I have tried different forms of art—painting, music, theater, and others—but only photography has stuck with me. Since I was a little girl, photography has created a safe space for me to create and still does to this day. 

—Reem Saood, Wilbur Cross High School, 2023

Photo of a girl wearing black-rimmed glasses

Reem Saood, Self-portrait, 2022

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