Zoe Stowe

Photo of a mirror leaning against a chair

Zoe Stowe, Revealing Flora, 2022

Photo of rain droplets on the edge of an umbrella at night

Zoe Stowe, Bliss, 2022

Artist Statement

I was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and immediately migrated to the United States. I moved five more times before becoming a citizen. The ideas of home and beauty are very dear to me. Constant moving has fueled a wild imagination filled with ethereal creatures and mystical places. Art has become a medium to express these fantasies.

My need to express myself took form through whatever mediums I could get my hands on. These endeavors came to life with crochet, henna, paint, pencils, and of course photography. 

Photography is a realistic and revealing medium, which was a challenge at first. As I grow older, I strive to connect the beauty in my mind to my eyes and ultimately to a camera’s lens. The inspiration of the morning sun or a flower reaching toward it becomes the showcase. The camera has become my ideal tool to record the mystical wonders of reality.

I hope to produce optimistic images that reflect my creative worldview and ideally connect to others on a communal level. I believe in the beauty we all experience on Earth.

—Zoe Stowe, Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School, 2024 

Portrait of a girl wearing headphones with hands in front of the face

Zoe Stowe, Self-portrait, 2022

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